Personality Psychology Essay

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The study of psychology is very broad and has many different subfields. The subfield of Personality is one that focuses on the individual traits and behaviors of an individual, then use that information to determine how things impact that individual in different situations. Personality psychologists explain people’s behaviors in areas such as aggression, attraction, conformity, how they interact in group settings and even persuasion. Those items help explain how an individual’s actions or behaviors can influence or change social settings. So, personality psychologists analyze how different personalities and their disorders impact the world you live in and the world of those amongst you. To be a personality psychologist you must really be devoted to having great people skills and helping at any cost. The psychologists must have strong observational, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills as well. Those attributes are vital because to understand a person’s personality they must be able to be understood and listened to closely. The psychologists must have the skills to read body language and facial expressions, along with knowing how to conduct research and put together information to formulate an answer to an issue. Patience and understanding are key characteristics that must be had due to the psychologist having to work patiently on tests and have meetings with clients and other researchers or doctors to get information needed for possible results to be found and all of those take time to do. Personality psychologists must be able to see beyond what a person is simply telling or showing them to find the root of a problem. Patients personality issues stem from many events in their life or everyday things they may not... ... middle of paper ... ...s from a counselor that can work from home or at a practice to specialized social workers and government agencies. Having this degree makes a graduates future job prospects very diverse and their ability to obtain a job in fields that they like is very high. Being compassionate and quick to understand client’s and patient’s issues is what will make people in this field successful. Education is very important, but being personable is what is key, so, one of the psychologists main duties is to make the people they are treating comfortable to reach the root of any addictions, abuse issues and mental disorders. It’s a field full of service and many years of schooling depending on how far a career wants to be taken. Personality psychologists help guide clients and patients to a clear path and changing their mental health has the ability to change everything in their lives.
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