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Prioritizing an entire lifetime of experiences, thoughts, emotions, achievements, hopes and dreams into a white box with a 900 word capacity seems nothing less than a daunting task. Why then face this task? Why not avoid it entirely and seek comfort instead? These are the same questions of which every individual is faced with in every task they undertake. How someone decides to answer these questions determines how they develop as an individual. Through this observation, it becomes apparent that, in life, one can choose to either shy away from the fear and insecurity that comes with challenge or embrace it in an attempt to accomplish something that could be truly worthwhile. Whilst growing up, I sought the first approach. Through grade school and into middle school, I wanted only to accomplish the tasks that I was presented and do the bare minimum to obtain what I viewed as an acceptable result. I did this easily enough and kept it up through even my freshman year in high school. However, during this time, I found myself becoming very numb to everything around me. The feeling was that of lost fervor; a blunted flame that had once burned as an inspiring sunburst of light. I became aware of this feeling and began to search inward for the source. I began to observe my every day interactions, habits, and activities until the problem slowly dawned on me - I had no inner drive because I sought no challenge. I let each week pass by with little variance and any new experiences were few and far between. I lived in a world of security and regularity and within that world, had allowed myself to forget one of the most crucial points in a being's existence - the pursuit of passion.It was from that point of realization that I decided to truly e... ... middle of paper ... ...ocks along the way. Sadly, the first and perhaps most detrimental of these blocks is one which I cannot overcome alone. The financial barrier that I face by going into the Ohio State central Columbus campus is great indeed. For my aspirations to be shut down by a few dollar signs is something that can literally be heartbreaking but I will not let my financial situation deter me from trying my hardest to get to where I want to go. I truly cannot say how thankful I am to have had the assistance that I've had to get to this point, for without it I would not even be typing this statement right now. I just want to be able to look back over a new crowd, full of brand new people and experiences, and as I take my engineering degree in hand, know that I finally have the opportunity and ability to give back and reach out to help others just as I have been helped along the way.
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