Personal Statement: Impeccable Anesthesiologist

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Personal Statement “Do what you love and love what you do” is the mantra to my charm. When I was asked about ‘What I wanted to become when I grew up?’ My answer would be that I would become Superman. It was my heart’s innocent wish, the wish to fly in the sky and touch the moon and stars. Moreover, saving people from harm and fighting evil to become the hero of people intrigued me. But that was, of course, my pristine childhood. My father became my hero while I was growing up. He was an impeccable anesthesiologist. I have always wanted to become a doctor like him and cherish the legacy of my family. I would sometimes accompany him to his hospital and his clinic. One fine day, he made me observe him perform an emergency tracheostomy and save the patient’s life. This deed of his made me want to become a doctor and cure ailing patients. I enjoyed solving puzzles from a young age. The process of understanding a problem, its variables and their interactions, had a way of grabbing my attention, and solving each one, stirred the thirst for the next one. Although I enjoyed mathematics, literature, physics and chemistry, my natural inclination was to take biology as my elective and plan for medical school. I cleared the highly competitive pre-medical entrance tests to get into one of the most prestigious colleges of my homeland- The Dayanand Medical College. …show more content…

The working of the human body intrigued me. I still remember the first time I wore a white coat and it was nothing less than a super suit for me. I started following the Kaplan lectures for knowledge at first, but soon developed a love for information provided in the videos and ended up giving my step 1 examination in the third year of my medical college

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