4 Year Plan After High School

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In my opinion, I believe that I am right on track of accomplishing my four year plan A through G requirements. In addition, I definitely believe that I have a plan for my next three years of high school. Furthermore, I am certain that I would graduate high school. Without a doubt, I am in the path of accomplish all my academic goals and extracurricular goals. Not to mention, my goal does not stop at graduating high school, but as well as meeting all the requirements to be accepted in UCs after high school. Moreover, I am in a career pathway. In addition, as I have mentioned before, my dream or goal is to be a part of the medical field as my career. Therefore, in last year, when we were selecting classes for high school, I have decided to …show more content…

In addition, I have set out my plan for all four years in high school. According to my plan, I would not be taking any zero period for the next three years. Therefore, to make up all the credits I need or want, I will be taking Health as an online class next year. Moreover, to complete my F-course, I am planning to do ceramics in my junior since according to my plan, it is the only time that I can fit all the requirements in my schedule. Furthermore, I am on a decent pathway for my C and D courses. Currently, I am in an honor Math class and as well as an honor (STEAM) Biology. Without a doubt, I will be completing all four years of Math and Science classes. Not to mention, I have set my goal to do AP Calculus and AP Physic as my future classes. In other word, I am on the right path for completing these requirements. Overall, I believe that I am right on track for completing graduation, A-G and even UCs requirements. Honestly, I believe that I do not need all of these requirements to help me with my career pathway because I am determined and had everything planned out for my life and future. In addition, I am responsible for my life and future. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to make a plan for my own life and future. Although, I am grateful that Savanna High School offers Medical Career classes so I would have a better understandings about the career pathway that I have

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