Statement of Purpose for Chemical Engineering

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Ever since I began studying science and mathematics at all levels of educations I have always had an interest in the production of useful materials. In the growing turmoil of today; a world full of global warming and diminishing resources, questions often arise in my mind such as, "can we make a more efficient, more durable and a renewable resource that will overshadow fossil fuels? and have less of an impact on our environment?" Up to now, I have not found a solution to these questions and answering these questions is a personal aspiration of mine which I aim to fulfil by achieving a degree in Chemical engineering and eventually I will contribute to the field in my own unique way. The debate surrounding sustainable energy fascinates me, having recently learned from personal research I have understood what an authoritative role chemists and chemical engineers play in the industry at the present time and how, by working as a team, they contribute to an improved future for the whole world. However, one of the main reasons that has single-mindedly driven me this far to want to study chemical engineering is a book I have read, “Beyond the Molecular Frontier: Challenges for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering” While reading this book, I had solidified my understandings of what chemical engineering is all about. Also, one of the main processes mentioned was polymerisation and is something I already study in A-level chemistry, it is something that not only interests me, but is a personal career aspiration of mine. Reading this book gave me a determination to be the person who helps improve the future of the industry and provide an answer to the questions I always ask myself by studying this degree. I am currently studying A-levels in Phy... ... middle of paper ... ...ations well. I have also participated in the Midlands Business Enterprise challenge, which me along will 5 other student, had won and come second in the national finals. Our business was based on the importance of recycling and how we can improve and promote the issue in public. My team working skills were significantly enhanced, along with my ability to communicate and contribute my ideas to a team of people. Consequently I feel a much more able public speaker and willingly to take part in class debates and various school presentations. Which I feel will be important factors that will give me an advantage while being a chemical engineer. My A level studies have given me the grounding that I need to study chemical engineering and I aspire to have an impact on the environment and ensure sustainability for future generations through the study of chemical engineering.
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