Personal Opinion Essay: Happiness Vs. The Bohemian Society

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Happiness is a mental or emotional state of being content with whatever you have. For example the Bohemian Society, these are people who enjoy an unconventional lifestyle with few permeant ties. They also have nontraditional lifestyles in which they put their time plus energy into art, music, and of course relaxation. According to the Us news 20 percent of Americans think the more money you have the better life will be but on the other hand 80 percent said being happy with a middle class pay is more live able because you have less worry. So when you think about material things it simply doesn’t matter as along as you’re happy and content. In today’s society we are so stuck on pleasing everyone instead of wanting to stand up and be different. Honestly, I’m not sure why people are so afraid to show courage so it can better help society. Take 9 year old Almact Signh for example she was held at gun point and stood up to the gun man, she saved a dozen lives that day. How about two siblings from Austin Texas the two year old sister fell into the pool and her big brother Tristan gave her CPR until the pharmaceutics came. I hope you know it’s about saving society so we can become a better country. …show more content…

Love is the best free thing you can have in life. While growing up my mother was so busy with work and other projects she missed a lot of my school activities, so eventually she slack on making work her major priority and made our lives her main

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