Personal Narrative: Snowboarding In The World

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Personal Narrative There are a few things in my life I could use to write a narrative off of, one that could really strike my mind would probably be snowboarding, not even just the aspect of snowboarding but how it is something you have the ability to do to and kind of use it as a coping mechanism, just something that lets you be at peace with yourself and not worry about anything else in the world. If you were to ask a skier or another snowboarder about the feeling I am talking about. The one where you are going up the lift for the first time of the year or even before you are about to have a nice run from the summit where you are just sitting at the top before you go down the mountain and you are just one with yourself and the mountain…show more content…
I think it was around my second year on skies and It was getting closer to winter and the majority of my friends all snowboarded but my dad never was really for it when I told him i wanted to switch, eventually he got over it and next thing I know my 12th Christmas under the tree I had my first setup, was not anything special but it meant so much to me that a few days later I had my Mom bring me to Gunstock and because I wanted to see what I could do and if I can learn. I think the night or so before I was non-stop watching youtube tutorials or something along that…show more content…
I have heard this saying time and time again “If you ride with someone your skill level you won 't see much improvement but if you ride with someone better than you, your skills will improve” and I can promise you will get better, for example I haven 't been super big in the park just an average jump hitter and this winter I sessioned a local hill called garrison 15 minutes from my hometown, Rochester, NH all day just sending it off kickers throwing grabs and other various things and next thing I know a newspaper report from Foster 's Daily Democrat walked up asked me a few questions and took some pictures then he was on his way. The next thing I knew the next day I woke up to someone tweeting at me a picture of me in one of my area 's biggest news paper. It felt so sick, If I rode with people who I did not look up too I probably would not have been there sessioning that as hard as I was trying to impress people with my progression. Overall my snowboarding days have been some of the best days in my life where I could truly say I was happy and content just because of something I wanted to pick

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