Analysis Of William Ernest Henley's 'Invictus'

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In July this year, I travelled to Queenstown for a family vacation. It was my first time in the snow and I tried out snowboarding. Those of you who have been snowboarding before would know that the majority of the first day is spent face down in the snow. It was freezing, wet and challenging but I did not want to give up. Good morning students of John Paul College, teachers and parents. In his poem “Invictus”, William Ernest Henley boldly declares the resilience of each person to adapt to the most difficult circumstances, endure through perilous times and ultimately succeed, no matter the odds against them. He says, Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeoning’s of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed.…show more content…
Hyrum personified the spirit of “Invictus” by remaining unbowed through his trials. Like Hyrum, we will face unexpected challenges, disappointments and complications when we leave school and grow from students to responsible young adults. Some of us may experience unemployment, failure, ill health, loneliness and even death of loved one. Nevertheless, how we respond to these challenges is a matter of individual choice. Each one of us is the author of our own story, the master of our own fate and the captain of our own soul.” The spirit and message of “Invictus” continues to influence our world. Nelson Mandela the first democratically elected president of South Africa after the apartheid era was inspired by the poem. He chose to remain true his principles despite being persecuted and jailed for 27 years. As a result, he united a divided country and championed social justice and peace across the

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