Personal Narrative: Polar Bear

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Getting done with lacrosse practice early is not always fun, but today I had a banquet. I was not letting anything ruin that. Walking down to my moms car i heard a rumble, and then oprah music? With no clue at all of what I was doing, i looked around for anything at all. All of the sudden a flash, and then I was on top of what seemed to be a pink fluffy polar bear I was kind of freaking out and kind of curios. Out of the corner of my I eye there was a tiny silver peanut on my holder, he whispered a date, 2024 I nodded my head and poof! We took of in a spiral of colors. Glancing at myself and the peanut as well at the polar bear I saw that we were a really ugly color yellow maybe the most ugly yellow ever seen, it made me so nauseous, that I had to close me eyes. I heard a weird buzzing sound so i opened my eyes …show more content…

Our bench was green and white, they changed colors according to the team play. There are nine people on the field at once 4 defense 4 attack or offence and 3 middie. we were playing u of m today. it was a very intense game, but we destroyed them 91~0 biggest game differentia ever! The game is different but it is still quite the same, like i told you we were dresses. And now we are aloud to check the body with are stick we don't wear pads just goggles mouth guard and know shin guards are required. Still there are no extending limbs. During the game I sent a girl to the hospital Ibroke her arm. Scoring about 15 goals was exciting for my first college game. Just after you scored the net turns into a rainbow star it is amazing to watch. Even more amazing after we got to sign pictures and take pictures and sign. autographs. After the game we were tired so went to the door ordered a pizza and a 4 liter of dr,pepper anI we watched a double throw back movie back to the future. As i fell back into a deep sleep i saw the monkey

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