Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience In The World War

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I still remember the first time I arrived in Stolberg, Germany. Our living quarters were whatever section of the dirty floor we could claim; it was nothing like at home here. For me, home was Norristown, Pennsylvania, in the grand ole ' United States of America. I was trained in Fort Knox, Kentucky to be sent up to Germany as a replacement tank gunner in the second World War. There, I learnt everything I needed to know, from shooting a gun to the reason we all hated Adolf Hitler so much. Unlike many men here, who were recruited, I had enrolled myself in the United States Army. I 'd say my enrollment was a Godsend, if anything; it had gotten me out of finishing high school for the time being, and I couldn 't be more thankful. I was in grade twelve at…show more content…
To me, school was simply a waste of my time, but then again, I was just like any other eighteen year old; a naive, ignorant, self absorbed, know-it-all who just wanted to make his mark in the world. Despite it being one of the best decisions I had ever made, to join the military, I also felt very bad. Prior to my departure, my mother had a heart attack, leaving my little sister to take care of her. Though, what I did had to be done; if not for myself, for the good of our country and it 's future. Someone had to take out those nasty Germans! For being only twenty years of age when my discharge came in 1946, I had already been through many challenges; but then again, what veteran has not? Within the first two days of combats I experienced, I had already lost my first friend, Smitty, to Shrapnel

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