Personal Narrative: My High School Goals

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I have a lot of goals for my life, but since I’m in high school right now, so my priority goal should be my high school goal. My high school goal is very important, my college goals or even my life goals depend on it. My high school goal is to get a GPA of 4.5 or above in senior year. However, I found that I’m doing a pretty good job on approaching to my high school goal, which is surprising to myself. I have got all my classes except for AVID to an A, my AVID grade is a B, which got me a GPA of 4.00, which is not bad for a freshman at all, but of course I expect better. Also I’ve studied hard before every single test and quiz, that make sure I won’t do bad on it and will get most of the points on the test or quiz, so my grades will be stable,

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