Personal Narrative: My Goals In College

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I can reach my goals and dreams through discipline. There are many goals that I intend to fulfill. At the end of my senior year I hope to have achieved a 3.75 grade point average. If I successfully obtain a 3.75, it will ultimately make it much easier for me to get into college and further my career. I also want to obtain this just because I do not set many difficult goals for myself, so when I do, I feel that I must complete the goal successfully. I have always had the goal of becoming a Wildcat at the University of Kentucky. Nearly my entire family (on my father's side) has at some point attended the university, therefore, feel that I must attend the university as well. …show more content…

I am going to focus more on my education, classes, and spend less time with my friends so that I can focus on school. I am going to keep up with all of my assignments and watch my grades so that I can make sure my GPA does not have a chance of dropping. I will make it a point to myself to start talking to many businesses to ensure an early internship spot with a possible future workplace. There are many computer organizations that like to hire people straight out of college, so I am going to start talking to a lot of them. The payroll for most college graduates who come from an internship is typically around $75,000 a year, which is an amazing starting salary. If I discipline myself enough to take care of both my school career and my future work career, it is very possible for me to achieve my dream of making six figures a year. Discipline in life is clearly very important and it is something that I have not fully put to mind yet but I must consider that this is my last year of high school. Discipline is what is going to get me through the rest of my life and keep me off the streets, so I am going to make sure I start practicing it. I have many goals and dreams that I hope become reality in life, and these can become more likely through the practice of hard work and

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