Personal Narrative In Poetry Essay

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Personal Narrative in Poetry When coming to the first class of Form in Poetry, I admit I was a bit nervous, for I knew very little about poets, poetry, and poems, but I also was very ignorant because I did not believe there was a lot within a poem. Oh how naive I was. The further we pushed through the year I was enlightened with new types of ways to format a poem, different meters and beats, to an array of vocabulary words that I could not begin to define. I learned that not only if poetry and abstract art form, but it is a very particular and intellectual form of art that has the ability to morph into an infinite number of possibilities. With the genius poems of A.E. Stallings and Stanley Kunitz, I was able to expand my horizons away from…show more content…
The main thing I found in poetry that I truly love is the abstract concepts the writer can make a poem exhibit. When I right, I tend to write from experience, or using vocabulary, testimony which I believe creates a more personal connection to your poetry and you. I found that I was able to write philosophically and what I felt in order to make my readers and me think more in depthly about the topic. With my new found knowledge in poetry I was able to watch my poems evolve from a mediocre freeform, to a well thought out piece of poetry. My poetry later in the semester would utilized linguistics, rhyme scheme, and a flow pattern that would please the eye and give particular lines emphasis. Furthermore, the goals and plans I would have for poetry in my life are unknown as of now. I enjoy writing poetry, I get comfort from it, but in my future I hope to concentrate on a more narrative form of writing, like books, short stories, and screenplays. However, what I’ve learned in this class will benefit my writing greatly outside of the poetry field, the techniques that help capture us in our writing, as well as those that captivate our
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