Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Sports Club Team

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I started playing volleyball in seventh grade, and I had completely fallen in love with the sport. Growing up in a small town, our school always struggled to find coaches that were not related to players. In middle school, I would always be so angry that the important named kids got to play in the A team, while I was stuck in the corner with the B team. Eventually, eighth grade year I decided to join a club team, and increase my skill for freshman year. I enjoyed club, I had actually made the one team, and I had virtually no problems with anyone or anything that season. But, just as soon as freshman year rolled around my attitude changes a lot. I’ve gained the perfectionist trait from my mother, and with this mindset in a sport, you’re almost guaranteed to struggle. Freshman year I had just come off of club, so I knew so much more about the sport and its movements. Naturally I wanted to be perfect, I personally believe that I had done really well as a freshman, but when I messed up I became silent. …show more content…

It was really bad, when my second club year came around it got progressively worse. Sophomore year was my ultimate low, the coach didn’t know how to do his job, and would have us do the same drills everyday. I got so angry that year, from him and myself, I was so close to quitting volleyball forever. But, one imbecile who didn’t know how to play volleyball didn’t stop me there, I kept going into my third club season. I worked had, still struggling with the inability to let mistakes go. After, a decent season a club with my friends, it was junior year, and my time to get on

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