Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience With Team Sports

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Sweat, aching muscles, and green spread out before me. I’d been practicing, I went hard and did my best to improve in every possible aspect. I worked not only on my form, my precision, and my power, but also on my mind; my mental game. I had to tell myself I could do it, I had to be confident in myself, no reassurance from others. I was told I had no chance, how could I win. I was expected to lose, and I thought I would. It was tennis during my freshman year. It was my first match. Not knowing what to expect, I stepped onto the court, three new tennis balls held carefully in my hand, a racquet and water jug in the other, a visor on my head, tennis uniform on my body. This was all I had. I had no one out there with me, I was all alone. I had …show more content…

Dirty glares are exchanged as the players look to defeat the other, to win at all costs. This is what I had seen of sports most often, my only real experience with team sports coming from my brothers baseball team at church, to which I payed very little attention, and shows I had seen on television. I had a few weeks of practice with my team under the belt but I hadn’t seen a real match, I didn’t know how it would play out, and I definitely hadn’t faced an opponent from another …show more content…

I learned about the very nature of people. People are kind hearted, they want friendships and relationships just as much as I do, if not more. They want relationships and friendships that make the time spent together more enjoyable. Whether or not you are their opponent, whether or not you are put up against them in a competition, in breaks in that competition they want to be friendly, to have a relationship. This was the case with most of my opponents through the years, I learned more about sports and that the people playing them, are people too, with feeling and emotions, they are caring people.
There are only a few instances where this lesson I had learned so many times over was challenged, the times I played Blue Springs. As I illustrated earlier they were rude towards me and my teammates, they didn’t seem to want anything to do with me. They challenged the lessons I had learned from all my other opponents, they pushed the limits and tried to break me. Luckily, the lesson my opponents had taught me was stronger than the one I had learned from movies which players on this team seemed to be trying to reinforce. I was able to be strong in my morals derived from such strong lessons and stay the “bigger

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they worked hard to improve their form, precision, and power, but also on their mental game. they were told they had no chance, how could they win.
  • Describes how they stepped onto the court, not knowing what to expect, with three new tennis balls held carefully in their hand, a racquet and water jug in the other. they had to depend solely on themselves.
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