Personal Narrative: Belkin Home

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493 words

Growing up, I was definitely less fortunate than my peers and it made me want to help others in similar situations. I never got the opportunity to assist the less fortunate, until one day I received an email asking if I was interested in joining Share the Warmth, a club aimed to helping the homeless. It interested me so I went to the first meeting where we listened to a keynote speaker, the executive of Belkin House, which is a soup kitchen that serves the homeless. He spoke about stories of the different types of people he met. An example of which were truck drivers who were physically unable to work and didn’t have any hard skills, suddenly out of jobs and forced on the streets as a result. What was the most inspiring were the success stories the executive told. People who feel victim of unfortunate circumstances but were given resources to start their life again because someone saw hope in them even though they were homeless. It opened my eyes that homelessness can happen to anyone and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person and that they did something wrong. I hate the stigma against homelessness, just because someone is homeless doesn’t make them less of a human being. I admired how he incorporated his passion for culinary arts for a cause he truly …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they were inspired to join share the warmth, a club aimed at helping the homeless. they admired the executive of belkin house, who incorporated his passion for culinary arts.
  • Explains that food is a crucial part of survival and has the ability to evoke happiness in many people, especially the less fortunate. volunteering at the soup kitchen was rewarding.
  • Opines that they want to be the chapter director because it not only benefits the less fortunate, but the students in the club as well.

The most enjoyable aspect of being a leader, a CFO, a club chair, is definitely growing the members that you oversee. I want to use this opportunity to reach younger student’s I haven’t before and build them into strong leaders. Starting this club can greatly affect the person who will take over the club after I graduate as it’s an amazing leadership initiative. To sum it all up, I want to join the team as I’m truly passionate about the issue from growing up in similar situations, previous volunteer work with the homeless and to build other club members into strong

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