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When I think about the person I want to become I think about a kind person who wants to make a difference in the world. I want to help and Inspire others and In general just make this world a more positive and loving place. The personal project was an opportunity to not only do something for myself but for others. By doing this I would be able to reach my goal of being the person I wish to become someday by helping others and spreading my positivity. I decided on feeding the homeless because with this I would be able to help others in need and hopefully inspire or make them happy. Feeding the homeless won 't necessarily change the world, but small acts of kindness like this might inspire other people to do them too and If everyone decided to…show more content…
I felt changed in a good way. I think this is what I used as my criteria in seeing if my project was successful. I had a new experience. My outcome out of this project was an experience I will never forget and meeting great people, not only the people from the organization, but I had a chance to really talk to some of the homeless people and the majority of them were so kind and genuinely appreciative for the things we were giving them. Life is about the experiences we face and I 'm happy I got the opportunity to experience something so beautiful as giving to others in need. I decided on this criteria because there 's so many hateful people in this world and this experience was full of love and positivity. I think my whole objective in this project was to help others and make people happy and I really think I was able to make this a…show more content…
I went to the grocery store and got cases of water, bags of bread, and stuff to make the sandwiches. I had finished preparing the bags and each had granola bars, fruit, ham and cheese sandwiches, water, toothpaste, and other hygiene products. My dad and I had arrived outside the homeless shelter and were ready to pass the bags out as we saw the swarm of people. Hundreds maybe even thousands of people gathered sitting in what little shade there was. I knew we had a homeless problem, but not to this extent and the bags I had made were going to make little to no difference on the vast amount of people that had been sitting outside. I was a little disappointed at first to be completely honest because I was not prepared for that many people. If I would have known there would have been so many people I would have made more bags. We drove around the block planning on what we were going to do and saw some tents set up. My dad and I were curious as to what they were, so we got out the car and saw that these people had been giving people food and I walked up to them and asked if there was any way I could help them. These people in the tents were actually an organization called Open Arms Outreach and a few girls scouts. They gladly let us help and we brought a few cases of water and the bags I had made and helped pass them out. The organization Open Arms Outreach

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