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Since I was young I have always had the mindset that everything I plan has to go by the rules or else everything falls apart. Unfortunately, that is not the most ideal mindset to have especially when nothing is guaranteed no matter how much you would like it to be. I was quite used to having a family with a single mother and two brothers and being somewhat like an alpha male. Therefore, it threw me off that during my Junior year in highschool I was contacted by a lady that turned out to be the mother of my half sister, Nicole. I was quite elated that after many years wishing I was not the only girl that I had a sister, but what threw me off is that it was not what I expected. I was not used to surprises that would alter my life forever especially …show more content…

She mentioned that Nicole had Leukemia, which was not the best news to hear knowing that someone you recently met has the risk of dying. This added on to my mind set changing quite a bit again I thought that I would commence a grand relationship with my sister and even felt close to her because she looked exactly like me when I was seven years old. As well as being quite introverted but has a unique personality like me therefore bonding quite rapidly. Despite all this I felt like the first good thing that came to my life was slowly slipping away. Hence, it pained me immensely that I had no way to cure her from this disease from one day to another. It hurt me more because since I found out I was always melancholy in school and although I have always been fond of school, since the news it gave me nuisance to even go. I wanted to stay kept away in my room just to cry, but I knew that it was not the best way to attack the situation. Therefore, that unfortunate news lead me to be more motivated in pursuing my career as a biomedical engineer because I would have another reason to facilitate in the medical field. As well as, teaching me that when life has obstacles despite not being fond of change you have to learn hot to deal with them, overcome them, and as dreadful as the obstacle may be to turn the situation into something beneficial or positive no matter how dark it may

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they were not used to surprises that would alter their life forever especially if they had to be a role model once again.
  • Narrates how the mother of nicole told them that nicole had leukemia, which was not the best news to hear. they felt like the first good thing that came to their life was slowly slipping away.
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