Personal Narrative: A Mother's Love

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A Mother’s Love
As the contractions began to grip my stomach, I realized that my life would forever be changed. Knowing the old me had to die in order for me to become a new me. After being abandon at the age of five, I grew up feeling lonely and unloved. I was filled with so much anger, malice, hurt and unforgiveness that I held against others. I didn’t have the luxury of living in a stable environment, because growing up I was always living from home to home. I had no intentions to strive for better, I had begun to allow my upbringing to be my excuse. Years of disappointment resulted in me caring less in others desire. I couldn’t love anyone because
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It was the happiest feeling that I have ever felt in my life, and as time came near for me to have my son the feeling became greater and greater. When I heard one of the nurses saying “Were ready, she’s now nine centimeters”, I began to get very anxious and excited at the same time. Although I was beginning to get happy I was still in disbelief as all of it was happening. I see the nurses preparing themselves. I just said to myself, “oh yeah its happening alright”. I was about to become a mother which was so unreal to me and nerve racking because I had no idea how to love or be mother. My heart became full of so many emotions, however the thought that dominated my mind was that I had to be the best mother I can be so my son could grow up and be the man he was destined to…show more content…
It made me want to strive to for better, because I wanted to make sure I can take care of him for the rest of my life. That day made me realize what love really meant. I wasn’t confused about what love was I was just so unsure if I could love someone, because growing up I never had love nor did I know how to give it in return. I was made the happiest woman on earth and I don’t sat that just to say it. I say that because the joy I felt that day I have never in life had nothing that even came close to making me like that. I don’t think no one in this world could know or understand this feeling I felt towards my son at that exact moment. Like in that moment I knew now that it was no longer just about me anymore, but it was more so about my little boy that I would forever be tied to. I never knew you could love someone so much when you had just met them, that made me feel a little closure about growing up the way I did I knew that my mom had to love me when I was first born but she was just drifted into the wrong direction. I made a vow that day that I had to love my son because I had no intention of him growing up feeling the same way I felt. That day made me want to do so much better because I knew I had a promise and a goal to fulfill and that was to take care of my son and give him what was taking away from me. All of the suffering and all of the pain was well worth
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