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Personal hygiene is important to everyone to lower the risk of being infected or contaminated. Germs thrive in filthy environment and they are everywhere. We are not certain of our health safety although the environment we live in might seems clean through our naked eyes but not a guarantee that it is 100% free of germs that eventually infect us. An average office desk is home of about 20,000 germs per square inch. Virus can survive up to three days on surfaces. By maintaining a good personal hygiene we can minimize if not to stop the spread of germs that may harm ourselves and the people around us. If people have good personal hygiene they are likely to have better health and feel good about themselves. 2. Describe the effect of poor personal hygiene on health and well-being. Poor personal hygiene can cause more likely to infection and facilitating the spread of infectious diseases. It is a risk if someone whom you deal everyday has a poor personal hygiene. The person may not aware that he is a carrier of deadly germs that may contaminate…show more content…
Explain how to address personal hygiene with an individual in a sensitive manner without imposing own values. The care workers should aware of the individual needs and choices and should be respected. Using tact, diplomacy, confidence-building and self-management schemes are essential. You would talk to the person in private, or identify the best person to deliver the message to the person. 4. Describe how to make an individual aware of the effects of poor hygiene to others. If it is possible, the management should provide videos about personal hygiene which to be played always for the residents. The videos should contain how, when and why we should always practice personal hygiene. If not, it is on the care workers to inform the residents nicely about the advantages and disadvantages of poor personal hygiene to oneself and to others. 5. Describe how to support an individual to develop and improve personal hygiene
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