Hand Hygiene In Health Care

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“Why is Hand hygiene in infection control essential for our hospitals?”
Hand hygiene has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to prevent infection amongst our hospitals. A serious blood stream infection caused by a common bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus has a 25-30% mortality rate; this is higher than the mortality rate for people that have had a stroke or heart attack. Hospital infections are preventable.
Hand hygiene and staphylococcus infection are the main ideas and topics studied within this booklet, with hand hygiene being the main focus and Staphylococcus aureus blood stream infection rates being data to support the necessity for hand hygiene.


What is infection control? And why is this so important?
Bacteria and infections surround us on a daily basis and can also contribute to the spread of infection and disease. Infections can be potentially harmful to the human body and therefore need to be “controlled and prevented”. In facilities such as hospitals these germs can spread faster due to the amount of bacteria and sick patients surrounding these facilities. This means the control of these infections are to be a high priority. UKCC 2007-2014

In health care facilities many sick patients are treated in isolated or confined spaces. This means that many microorganisms are present in these areas. Patients come in contact with many health care workers (HCW) who can potentially help the spread of these microorganisms and infections between their patients.

“Effective infection prevention and control involves work practices that put a stop to the
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What have Health care facilities learnt about successful interventions?
Elizabeth Pfoh, MPH, Sydney Dy, MD, MSc, and Cyrus Engineer, DrPH. Says:
Successful hand hygiene educational programs have proven to:
-Reinforce hand hygiene messages; Health Care Workers gain knowledge about the importance of hand hygiene and its role in prevention of healthcare-associated infections.
- Health care facilities have discovered that Interventions should teach and include different types of methods.

4) In the community and Media:
Throughout healthcare facilities you will often see signs and displays regarding hand hygiene (see figures below) these signs are displayed to educate the public in this field. Health care facilities hope that patients and visitors will acknowledge these signs and put these procedures into practice. –SA Health

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