Personal Growth: My Personal Strategy For My Growth

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My Personal Strategy for My Growth Leadership skills are not always a gift given to everyone at birth, for some like me, it is something that has to be nurtured and developed. The natural gifts I possess would be that of nurturing and caring for others. Things that come easily to others is something I must work at to become proficient, the skills are there but must be coaxed and encouraged to blossom and exert the abilities that lie within me. Over time God had endowed me with the ability to step up naturally and take the reins of leadership, not because of who I am but because of who He is and the work that God has for me. The Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat (SWOT) analysis that was introduced to me in the beginning of my time at…show more content…
Too many times people give up due to lack of confidence and support from others. Having been one of those people who had no support, when I finally had someone that believed in me, it made all the difference. I was given the opportunity to succeed, was told I could do it, and even today, still have that person always encouraging me. I believe in giving back to others what has been given to me. Becoming an effective leader was possible because I had an effective leader to follow. This is the person I aspire to be with Jesus as my personal mentor. As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1, I want people to be able to “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (NIV) Too often people want to follow the idea of John Seldan’s, Table Talk: “Preachers say, “Do as I say, not as I do.’” This is not a successful leader. It is easier to tell someone what to do but what truly makes a difference is the life we live that others are watching. The best example we can be is to live a life pleasing to the Lord and not have to worry about the standards we are setting or showing the world. Some of the things that I need to work on as a leader are: • Remaining approachable-when I have been hurt, abused, or mistreated too many times, I have a tendency to shut down. Leaders must have thick skin to take the talk and disagreements that will occur. • Accept and realize that not all people have the same values or morals that I do. • Delegate the workload even though it may be easier to do it
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