Personal Experience: Myself As a Writer

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Myself As a Writer

Today we write more often, whether in school, at work, or on social networks. A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas (Definition from Wikipedia; As a writer I like to use social networks to writes post or comment on my friend’s status. I also enjoy writing on topics I like, without too many constraints on the organization of my writing. However I dislike formal writing.

When I have the time to write I like to write about posts that talks about the politics of my country on my Facebook page. I like to find and share articles that may interest my Facebook friends and fans. I also like to comment on the status of my friends and give feedback on the photos they publish. For example last week I posted an article about a donation that the Chinese Republic made to my country. To me, this donation was a poisoned gift, so we debated on this and I found that a lot of my friends were not sharing the same point of view as I do. I also like to send text messages to my relative and my friends through my cellphone applications. To send text messages we use a language called ‘’ SMS language ’’. In fact it is not a language; it consists using a set of certain short words in order to save more time while texting. For example, the way to say ‘’ Hello how are you today ? ’’ in SMS language would be instead ‘’ elo hw ar U tday?

The thing I like to write least is essays, particularly when I don’t have any interest in the topic I have to write on. Also I like to write the same way I speak, that makes some of my words not appropriate. In an essay, there are several rules to follow in order to make it rig...

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...example to illustrate is when I was in my previous ESL class; our teacher gave us a project in which each of us had to write about is country. Usually when people ask me where I come from, when I tell them the name of my country nobody knows about it. This project was for me a very good opportunity to make people know my country. Because I was interested in this project it gives me the motivation to do some deep research and write so people could have a great interest in my country.

In conclusion the fact that writing is difficult for me and my low self-esteem make me feel that I am not a good writer. It is very discouraging but I don’t give up and I try to improve my writing skills every day. Maybe one day I would be able to write very efficiently such as a writer but for now I do not consider myself such as a writer . However I still like writing in some way.
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