Personal Essay On Suffering

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Suffering includes a broad scope of things and is often different for everyone. Despite the different ways that people can suffer, virtually every individual on the planet will experience some form or level of suffering in his or her lifetime. Suffering is inevitable. The question is not if you have suffered, it is how. Suffering is personal, handled in different ways, can alter who you are, and changes your relationship with God. Suffering is unique for every person. For me the greatest suffering has come through my own mind. Often, I am my own worst enemy. I struggle with anxiety and depression. My senior year of high school was one of the most difficult times in my life. I have never felt more alone or hopeless than I did in that year. Another great source of suffering for me has been experiencing other people’s suffering. I seem to collect a lot of people’s secrets, or be a listening ear for their deep sources of pain. I am glad…show more content…
For me suffering changed my relationship with God in negative ways at first, but positive ways in the long run. Initially, I was angry and hurt and felt abandoned by God. I gave up. I stopped reading my bible, praying, journaling, and listening for God. It was a dark and lonely year. However, with time, I slowly began to let go of my anger, and I decided that I truly did want a relationship with God. I began to see God in new ways, it was like a fresh start. I see that year as the year I truly decided for myself that I wanted God to be a part of my life. I see that as a positive change. My faith became my own, instead of simply my parent’s faith. I learned a lot about God after going through a difficult season of silence. I grew tremendously in my faith and trust in God, and I have needed that in recent years. Even though suffering is not something I would ever ask for, I recognize the value it has had in my life, and I know I am both closer to God and a better person today because of
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