Personal Essay On Love: My Definition Of Love

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I can say I grew up with love and care, but my definition of love is unclear. My parents had been accustomed to telling me they “love” me as soon as something bad had occurred. Their exact words were “We do this because we love you and your siblings.” My biggest question was always, how is love shown in lies and never ending arguments? That is what our household consisted of on a daily basis. However, my siblings and I have always been the audience and sometimes even part of their act. My two older siblings seemed to have gotten used to every fight unlike for my younger brother and I. They let go of all the bad situations happening at our home. Little knowing, they have become some part of my parents. Older siblings coincide in the argumentative…show more content…
America”, El Classico (The classical) game to start, while we all gathered up at our dinner table. I did my homework as everyone else was being served. Mom served my dad a plate of food and he threw it away saying it was not what he had asked for. Of course, this was another one of his tantrums. My older brother had enough of his crap, he exclaimed to our father to not treat our mother this way. They were in a never-ending dispute, which later ended in a physical fight. We all left my dad, I thought this was the last time we’d live with my dad or even talk to him; I had no emotions at the time. I didn’t feel remorse for leaving him. As we left, my older brother cried. He had never acted like this nor was this his intention. I was angry with my dad, but more furious at my mom for making us come back the following week. My hopes of them being separated was destroyed. Many wish to have their parents together. However, I am not one of those kids. I cried while on my knees I begged her and told her that we would find as much help as possible, I exclaimed to her, that we didn’t need my father to support us in any way. She disregarded everything I said. At first, I never knew the reason as to why we came back until she explained that my dad had threatened to take us away. That was possibly one of my worst days. At that point I could have cared less for my emotions, what broke my heart was seeing my 8 year old brother crying his…show more content…
They sat me down, held me down (physically), and I wondered why was this was necessary. Why couldn’t I just sit down and hear whatever it was they had to say? As they first started talking about how I feel and my parents, I automatically knew why they held me down. Reason was, so I wouldn’t run off and leave with some sort of anger towards them. As I was sitting there angered not being let go of, they turned on a television and a video came on. It was titled “The Yepez we all knew and missed.” I cried instantly, this video was not what I had expected. I thought it was just another weekend hanging out with my friends; this was more than just hanging out. As I viewed myself on screen with friends, it was a dreadful pain because they didn’t like the person I had become and neither had I. Along with the photographs and videos of me laughing with my friends, the last video was of my 15th birthday party. In the video, everyone was singing happy birthday and I was preparing myself to take a bite of my cake. When from behind, my best friend and brother slam my face into one of the cakes. Everyone at the gathering was laughing and enjoying themselves at the party. I came to realize that I was once happy with my family and fiends. We were al happy. My friends finally let me go, telling me that it was important for me to pay attention to myself and try to be as happy. Being sad was not going to solve my
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