Perceptions of Financial Students on Factors To Consider in Starting Business

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From the 40 respondents that the researchers were able to survey, all agreed that in money is one of the factors needed to starting up a business. As a follow up to this result, the graphs below (Graph1 and Graph 2) shows that all of the financial students agreed that starting a new business requires every entrepreneur to exert money, effort and time. Though the researchers’ respondents have different Year level and Genders they all agreed that money, effort and time are required in starting a business. Another statement, although optional, included in the survey was “A busy shopping center will be an ideal place to locate a business.” As what shown in the graphs below (Graph 3 and Graph 4) it shows that location is also an important factor to consider in starting up a business. The business person should make sure that the business in the place where can attract many consumers and be sure that it is comfortable place to the consumers. The researchers have different variable such as Gender and Year level but the result of the survey is just the same. They all agreed that location is one of the factors to consider in starting a business. The result of the second statement indicates that a good number of respondents are aware that location needed to consider whenever a person will start a business. Another statement is “In starting a business entrepreneurial skill is not required”. As shown in the graphs below (Graph 5 and Graph 6) there are just 3 females who agree that entrepreneurial skill is not required in starting a business but all of the males disagreed. Many of the Financial Management Students believed that entrepreneurial skills are important and it makes a business person to decide which will make a good impact to the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ness/starting-a-business-the-basics/ Fuller, C. (1996). Entrepreneur Magazine Group. Canada: Entrepreneur Media Inc. International Business, T. (0005, October). What not to forget when starting up your own business. International Business Times. McDonough, M. (2011).7 Factors to Consider When Starting a Business. Retrieved from: McGuckin, F. (2007). 10 START-UP TIPS. NAFE Magazine, 30(2), 5. Miles, M. (2012).Factors to Consider Before Starting a Business. Retrieved from: Starting up the business. (2007). Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News, 231(8), 46. Silvestri, G. T. (1999). Considering Self-Employment: What to Think about before Starting a Business. Occupational Outlook Quarterly, 43(2), 15-23.

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