Paul Newman, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe

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A short glimpse into yesterday, today and tomorrow, reveals the timeless everlasting appeal of great film icons. A truly gifted actress and two talented actors, Paul Newman, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe have helped to shape and mold our generation, and are still a great influence with in our society today. We Americans are famous for worshiping dub ions demigods of the miraculous moment. The celebrities, who have inspired, identified with and transcended screen roles to become an active part of popular culture and people's lives became icons. Based upon their bodies of work in films, Paul Newman, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe have become film icons who will endure well into the twenty-first century.

Paul Newman, screen legend, superstar, and the man with the most famous blue eyes in history was born on January 30th, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of a successful sporting goods store owner. He first started acting in grade school and high school plays. He served in WWII and after discharge from the Navy in 1946; he attended Kenyon College on an athletic scholarship. His sports career ended with an injury and he turned to drama, joining summer stock Company in Wisconsin.

After relocating to Illinois in 1947, he married actress Jacqueline Witte, and following the death of his father took over the family business. Newman soon grew restless, and after selling his interest in the store to his brother, enrolled at the Yale School of Drama. During a break from classes he traveled to New York City where he won a role in the CBS television series The Aldridge Family. (blockbuster) A number of other TV performances followed, and in 1952 Newman was accepted by the Actors Studio, making his Broadway debut a year later in Pinic, where he was signed by Warner Bros. He co-starred with Joanne Woodward, who soon became his second wife. Today Paul resides with his wife, actress Joanne in Westport, CT. Newman has remained a prominent public figure through his extensive charitable work; he created the Scott Newman foundation after the drug-related death of his son and later marketed a series of gourmet foodstuff under the umbrella name Newman's' own, with all the profits going to support his project for children suffering from cancer. (classicfilm)

Paul Newman, classically handsome with an abundance of sex appeal was offered his first film Silver Chalice, 1954 by Warner Brothers.

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