Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley

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Two of the biggest names of 1950s music are Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. These men helped the music industry become what it is today. Cash did it with a deep, genuine, southern voice, while Presley had the women swoon over him for his quick feet, charisma, and smooth voice.
While both had their problems with drugs and alcohol, they managed to have extremely successful careers within the music industry. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash combined for a total of thirty-one number one hits. The two have sold close to two billion records worldwide along with many gold and platinum records, and a plethora of Hall of Fames inductions and awards.
They were two talented men, though genres were different, and they represented the music industry of the age, through them, music was changed forever.
Johnny Cash was one of seven children born to Carrie and Ray Cash. He first picked up guitar at age 12. He lost his brother Jack, at a young age and that helped him grow in his relationship with God, because of how religious his brother was and his desire to become a pastor in the church when he got older. His mother instilled into him many hymns at a young age and that was the base of his musical career.
He began with Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two. Then became They signed a record deal with Sun Records, and despite the fact that Johnny went in as a gospel singer the record label though he could be so much more than gospel. Sam Phillips is the man who gave them their chance. His signing of Cash ended up with sells of over ninety-million records. Johnny Cash became the youngest member of the Country Music Association Hall of Fame after being inducted in 1980.
Johnny Cash stardom was launched by the single “Cry, Cry, Cry” thus beginning “T...

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...s and unfortunately unlike Cash he wasn’t able to break the addiction. He died of heart failure at age forty-two in 1977.
There is no argument, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were the two biggest names of 1950s music. The men actually worked together in the “Million Dollar Quarter.” The success and his association with Phillips allowed Cash to join an elite group of artists that included Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis—they were known as "The Million Dollar Quartet." (Johnny Cash Biography, The two men helped redefine the music industry and are still today remembered for all they gave to the music industry.

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