Pastoral Counselors

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PRINCIPLE A: COMPETENCE Counselors, Pastoral care givers, and help givers should acquire the requisite education, which will equip them to practice the profession of their calling. Counselors should take on clients who fall within the area of their competence- areas in which they have acquired qualifying training techniques, experience and education; otherwise the case should be referred to other competent professionals. Counselors/helpers should seek to maintain competence by assessing and making use of current professional information, techniques, literature, administrative resources or other services and institutional facilities that can improve intervention efficiency and maximum comfort for help seekers. PRINCIPLE B: INTEGRITY Counselors should respect the help seeker, parishioners, student and other people’s rights, be fair and honest and approach issues objectively and with candor. Services delivered and products offered, should as much as possible be clear and undeceptive. Counselors shall not charge fees either to help-seekers, students, parents or parishioners or un-churched or out of congregation persons in so far as Church is linked directly or indirectly to the case. Any charge or payment linked to counseling must be initiated and collected by the parish /organizations official secretary or his appointed agent other than the counselor or surrogate counselor and should be receipted for. The duties and expectations of the counselor, the help-seeker(s), and third parties when present should be clearly stated, clarified, and in particular harmful and dual relationships should be avoided. Examples of dual relationships are; sexual, financial, material, romantic relationships of counselor with help seeker, parishio... ... middle of paper ... ...ey Bass Pub. 1985. Wright, Norman. Training Christians to Counsel. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Pub. 1977. Counselling code of ethics: January 2010 January 2010 October 2009 code of ethics 2010 code of ethics. 2010 code of conduct. 2009 Online Bible New International Version. 2010 Free Multisession Electronic Bible: Rick Meyers 2009. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bilingual English-Greek Online Dictionary by ECTACO
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