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  • Pastoral Poetry

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    It is in the nature of pastoral poetry that human desires are projected into a natural setting and lived out only through fantasy. The real world, full as it is of unpredictability and unwanted emotions, is accessible to everyone, while the idyll of the pastoral is preserved “for poets’ fantasies;” its ground is not to be trampled by everyone (Ettin 43). After failing to retreat into the traditional pastoral landscape, John Milton begins, in his poem “Lycidas,” to exercise the control he does not

  • The Pastoral Letter

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    Religion Paper In the pastoral letter, it declares that “basic justice demands the establishment of minimum levels of participation in the life of the human community for all persons.” This small excerpt criticizes the church as well as society though. This Catholic Framework for Economic Life represents a fundamental challenge to a "winner takes all, every person for oneself" economic ethic which leaves too many behind. It seeks to shape the national debate about how to balance our budget without

  • American Pastoral

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    receive from stuttering and fear the next time that it will happen. They will often avoid situations in which stuttering will be a problem. Stutterers have no control over when they stutter or don’t. Contrary to the therapist in the novel American Pastoral, stuttering is not an idea conjured up in ones head to gain attention. It is not a psychological problem that comes and goes as one needs it, or when it would be beneficial to a person. Because the truth is, a stutterer never finds it beneficial

  • Qualities Of A Pastoral Carer

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    Describe the essential qualities of a pastoral caregiver. Outline literature used to support your assumptions. Discuss the qualities you believe that you have already and what you recognise you need to develop. Include how you intend to do this. “The shepherd was with his flock day and night, often in remote places far from home, and he had to be skilled in keeping the flock together, in finding wanderers and stragglers, in recognising the ailments of his sheep and knowing how to cure them

  • political and pastoral in marvells poetry

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    retreat” How distinct are the political and the pastoral in Marvell’s poetry The political and the pastoral certainly figures highly in Marvell’s poetry and often the two worlds become intertwined. Indeed, Marvell frequently utilises metaphors of nature to help convey and rationalise his political thoughts and feelings. With particular reference to the ‘mower’ and ‘Cromwell’ poems, I shall explore the relationship between the political and the pastoral in his work. To begin, in the overtly political

  • Pastoral care

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    African American Pastoral Care by Edward P. Wimberly is a supplement to the book written in 1979 on Pastoral Care in the Black Church. Pastoral Care by African Americans shows pastoral counselors how to care for African Americans through a narrative methodology. By linking personal stories and the pastor's stories to the heart language of the Bible stories, counselors can use God's unfolding drama to bring healing and reconciliation to human lives. Further, demonstrating that caring can be shown

  • The Pastoral Setting of Shakespeare's As You Like It

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    The Pastoral Setting of As You Like It Central to the pastoral vision of As You Like It is the setting in the Forest of Ardenne, especially the contrast between it and the ducal court. In the former, there is a powerful political presence which creates dangers. Deception lurks behind many actions, brothers have secret agendas against their brothers, and people have to answer to the arbitrary demands of power. In the Forest of Ardenne, however, life is very different. For one thing, there

  • The Appropriate Use of Counselling Skills and of Pastoral Care

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    Introduction Pastoral care as a source of counselling advice is one of the key areas of development for pastoral training. For many people who approach religious leaders for counselling support, this may be their first approach for assistance and it may be the only opportunity that any service provider has to intervene in order to provide them with assistance. This places a great responsibility on the pastor, who needs to be able to tackle the approach appropriately and constructively, and

  • The Pastoral Ideal in Thomas Gray's Elegy (Eulogy) Written in a Country Churchyard

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    The Pastoral Ideal in Thomas Gray's Elegy (Eulogy) Written in a Country Churchyard Thomas Gray’s "Elegy Wrote in a Country Churchyard" portrays the pastoral ideal through many different images. The traditional pastoral notion of idyllic life changes in this poem to form a connection with people themselves. The speaker of this poem creates a process by which laborers come to symbolize the perfection of the pastoral through their daily toils. These people come to represent the ideal form of pastoral

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Pastoral Guidelines For Ministry to Homosexuals

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    Typical Pastoral Guidelines For Ministry to Homosexuals This essay takes a typical Catholic parish and presents the guidelines used by this parish in the treatment of gay/les types. The guidelines illustrate the welcoming attitude of this church toward gays. The guidelines are pastoral in character, intended to help priests and parish ministers meet their obligation to serve kindly and conscientiously all who turn to the Church with real needs and honest hope. They do not presume any particular