Passing The Bar : What It Has It 's Own Culture?

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Passing the Bar Our social environments often change depending on the stage of our life. From arcades in the mall as children to bars in the area as mid twenties college students. We often find ourselves always looking for a zone of familiarity. Bar culture is one that becomes a large staple of millions of people each year. During the economic recession of the Bush era administration of America. Barswere one of the few places of businesses that didn 't face rocky investments or failing business to the degree others did. Even myself, a working full time employee and student felt myself taking one day out a week to unwind with friends. This act of recreation is so common, but does it have it 's own culture? We all have gone to a bar, but we 've never observed it from an intimate perspective. I decided I needed to change that. First was establishing a contact. I assumed it would be easy, and I could merely ask the owner if I could do my student paper on his establishment. He actually was uneasy about it, which surprised me. I spent a bit trying to explain I wasn 't press just that I wanted to observe and study the bar. He agreed on three conditions. One; I use no names or the name of the bar. Two; I had to order every hour so I couldn 't loiter. Three; I was not to bother anyone with questions. So for the sake of my paper the bar in question is going to go by the alias of "Cheers". Despite the owners guarded rules placed on me, Cheers was actually a rather pleasent and popular place in the city. Located on a main street fifteen minutes from my apartment. I decided I would start a routine in which I regularly visted the bar one a week, and observed patrons for approximately two hou... ... middle of paper ... ...I didn 't want anyone elses views on the project other than my own. As an introvert, I often avoid being social after work and school drain me of my energy. The recharge of a bar is something more appealing to extroverts who get their energy recharging from being around people, and yet the bar has an appeal even to me. There is an ability to be surrounded by people but be completely alone in this world. That 's just one option though. Environments shift and change to appeal to a variety of walks of life. Groups who normally would never interact all find themselves within arms length in the celebration of not being at home. Trivia is a way of bringing people together through competition and useless knowledge. The appeal of a bar is different for everyone, but even if its shallow the common thread of harmless games. That alone can bring people together.
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