Paparazzi Argumentative Analysis

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926 words

Hollywood is known to be the home of many celebrities, ranging from musicians, actors to models. The celebrity life is something everyone wishes to live. Driving big cars, living in mansions and having attendants to attend to various needs all seem to be something to make life easy and comfortable. Despite all the love that is shown to the celebrities, the celebrities live a life of intense scrutiny. The common people, who are their fans, keep track of every single detail of their life. Each short coming is noticed and put on the limelight with the help of the media who are the main information givers on every move celebrities make. “The paparazzi, in turn, have become watch dogs who never let them out of our sight, staking out their gyms, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that hollywood is the home of many celebrities, ranging from musicians, actors, and models. the celebrity life is something everyone wishes to live, but the common people keep track of every single detail of their life.
  • Analyzes how harris reaches out to the common person, the fans of celebrities, who try to imitate or live to their standards. maintaining celebrity status requires total commitment and sacrifice.
  • Analyzes how harris creates an ethical appeal to his audience by beginning his article with the details of the death of two models who died due to starvation.
  • Analyzes how harris maintains the same theme of cultural criticism in his works. he establishes his credibility by describing each of the celebrities he uses as examples.
  • Analyzes how harris argues that celebrities are not bothered by not being an attraction to men.
  • Analyzes how explains to the common man who is the fan of the celebrities that the celebrity life is different from their way of life.

He further builds his argument by quoting the words of a celebrity who is taking part in the whole celebrity dieting exercise that leaves them looking weak and frail. “Unhealthy looks should be abandoned and it is wrong to stifle womanly curves” claims the underweight model (Harris, 135). He uses a disappointed tone as he describes how the common man tries to imitate the frail looking celebrities “ slim she could seek cover behind the nearest swizzle stick” (Harris, 136). In this particular article, he reinforces his ethos as he maintains his cultural criticism argument, an argument he is well known for throughout his works as he argues that the celebrities should not be imitated for they do not even realize whether their funs look like them or …show more content…

His detailed description gives the audience the expression that the author has enough knowledge on the issue he is bringing forth. Harris brings out the logic in his argument by describing the findings of his interviews with the admired celebrities with frail looking bodies. The author gets the same response and arguments that eating leaves and juices is the way to go. It is always claimed that they only eat as advised by their fitness advisors who are mainly the reason as to why the women look so frail and sickly, “I do not eat anything” (Harris, 135). Harris employs a pathetic appeal as he pities how the celebrities are not bothered by not being an attraction to men. He claims that the models are no longer interested in looking all good with the right weight for men to admire, to them being slender is the thing that matters and if the available men are not sexually aroused by their slender bodies then they consider that as the man’s loss and not theirs (Harris, 137). Arguing using the biological facts of sexual attraction Harris shows that celebrities are absent presence in our lives, living far from us but we have them linked in the way we live. The celebrities through nude scenes and close up sessions make their fans feel close to them in a way they are not with normal people in the society bringing out an attraction that is never satisfied in them (Harris,

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