Paddy Bedford's Australian Life

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The biographic of Paddy Bedford in its simplest description, is an internationally successful Aboriginal artist living in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia. This might not sound like a person of iconic significant, but in this essay it propose that Paddy as one of the most celebrated contemporary artist in the history of Aboriginal art. It will critically examine Paddy’s achievements with reference to Jirrawun Aboriginal Art Corporation in the East Kimberly. But mostly discuss Paddy’s position in the public sphere of affecting the Aboriginal arts and culture community and will talk about aboriginal social change at play in Australian society today. In addition, the essay also interrogates the issue of social injustice and equal rights with cause of preserving Aboriginal tradition. Most importantly, it will indicate my deep understanding about what it means to be Australian from investigating Paddy Bedford life, as well as, the historical events surrounding the East Kimberly. The East Kimberly region of Western Australia has been depict as a place of ‘grinding poverty, violence and racist exclusion in which so many Aboriginal people in the east Kimberley live, and yet at the same time through art it communicate the beauty and grandeur of their lives. ‘For those trying to communicate through art with the issue of death, harsh, pain and even compassion, were seen as necessary to maintain memories and record of Aboriginal historical events. The thirst for telling such companionate story is not easily interpreted, however, if we look at history we could see the influence of real tradition of aboriginal art emerge. The tradition of aboriginal art has always strived to develop ways to record all types of information, ... ... middle of paper ... ...icle for maintaining the value of aboriginal culture. The success of the artists and the Jirrawun cooperation can be used to reinforce and contradict aboriginal life and meaning, create a place for equal opportunity, and be visual element all on its own. Then by understanding about being Australian, Aboriginal or Tores Strait puts a hierarchy emphasis on having equal rights and opportunity doesn’t matter where you come from or have been living. The placement of maintaining value and culture allows visual flow and creates pauses for new opportunities and an understanding of aboriginality. In conclusion, my deeper understanding about what is means to be Australian from investigating Paddy Bedford life and the Jirrawun Arts Corporate is there will to fight for justice and equal opportunity. Humanity bought to Paddy Bedford and his community would not occur if

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