Between the Wars: Significant Events - Emily Carr

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There were many important events that occurred in between the First World War (1914 – 1918) and the Second World War (1939 – 1945), but the event that is the most significant to Canada's history is the career of Emily Carr (1871 – 1945). Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Emily helped shape Canada as we know it today, her art serving as a doorway into Aboriginal culture even as she became an inspiration for women in particular and is now very well-known in Canada and even internationally (The Canadian Encyclopedia, paragraph #1). This report will explore the muses, challenges and eventual success of possibly one of the most important women in Canada's history.

Before 1919, Aboriginal/indigenous art and artifacts were virtually non-existent in the world of art, with almost no representation whatsoever and was “thought to be dying under the waves of white cultural encroachment on their lands, languages and cultural practices.” (The Canadian Encyclopedia, paragraph #4). After returning from a trip to England in 1899, feeling “cheated by 'bad health and circumstances'”, Emily felt isolated in Victoria, being in her mid-thirties and single, grouped with her sisters critical opinions of her and old friends having moved away or joined private groups such as 'The Married Ladies' Club' that she could not join. In 1905, she visited a small Aboriginal village by the name of Ucluelet, where she had often been to in her teen years and had been known as Klee Wyck, meaning “laughing one” in Kwakiutl (Tippett, Maria, Emily Carr: a Biography, p. 63-65).

When she arrived, Emily was remembered and accepted. She laughed more, made friends with people young and old and felt happy for the first time in years. It was also in Ucluelet tha...

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...r's date of birth and death with a question mark after wards is there to say that even though she passed away almost seventy years ago, her work and her legacy still lives on as more people buy her artwork and pay attention to the meaning behind her works.

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