PTSD In African American Culture

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Harriet Tubman once said, I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other. Throughout history the African American culture has constantly been fighting for rights and equality. But in doing so has been denied it. With this happening more and more over the years it seems to have caused them more than just physical pain when violence is added to the equation. It has caused PTSD. The African American community suffers from PTSD due to Racism, what is considered as today’s “lynchings”, and Police Brutality. Racism is a key aspect that causes PTSD in black people. It doesn’t help that there have been multiple instances with the police shooting unarmed …show more content…

It’s when “black people are hit hard by incidents that recall the country’s history of institutionalized racism.” ( Corley). Meaning when a person of color personally has racism influenced on them or watches someone else of color have racism influenced on them, it causes black people to become more defensive and on edge because they start to believe that every person that has anything to do with that particular race, company, situation… will all act the same way towards them as they did to the other person of color. The Tulsa Race riot of 1921 is a perfect example of this. White people attacked black people because of a situation that was said happened between Dick Rowland an African American man and Sarah Page, a white woman. Dick Rowland was accused of attempting to rape or did rape Sarah Page in an elevator. Due to white people believing this story they felt officers were not doing their job correctly by just doing an investigation on the matter. The day after the shots were fired at Rowlands court date where Rowland was attempted to be assassinated, but he was protected by cops barricading him. White people took it in their own hands and decided to teach black people a lesson by destroying their booming businesses and destroying

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