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PHILADELPHIA, HERE I COME! A young prospective man called Gar O 'Donnell is the centre point of the book 'Philadelphia Here I Come'. The action takes place the night before and the morning of Gar's departure for Philadelphia. Gar lives in a small village in County Donegal called Ballybeg. Gar finds his home life very boring and repetitive. Through out the book Gar shows his feelings about the village by what he says and does. "Aye, and but for Aunt Lezzy and the grace of God, you'd be there tonight, too, watching the lights go out over the village, and hearing the front doors being bolted, and seeing the blinds being raised; and you stamping your feet to keep the numbness from spreading, not wanting to go home, not yet for another while, wanting to hold on to the night although nothing can happen now, nothing at all…". This is one example were Gar shows his realistic views. The book was set in the 1960's, and at this time Ireland was a lot different than it is today. There was a lot of Irish emigrating to nearer countries to live a new life. One reason for this was because the Irish economy was in a depressed state. The people of Ballybeg were slaves of routine, and they had very little to do in such a small community. Gar soon realises that he will never be able to live an exciting life in Ballybeg and soon recognizes that he has no future in his home village. This leads to Gar deciding to move to Philadelphia, where he hopes life has a better impact on his future. There are many reasons for Gar wanting to leave Ballybeg. Gars life has been a very emotional time. Gars mother died shortly after his birth, this was a huge upset for him and his father. To make things worst Gar's father, S.B, does not get on with his only son, even know Gar lives and works with him. They see each other every day and still their communication levels are low. ''If he wants to speak to me he knows where to find me! But I'm damned if I'm going to speak to him first''. This is one example of were Gar gets so annoyed he starts to take it out on poor Madge who is trying to help. Gar doesn't mean to but it is he is so annoyed at the sate of his life. They only communicate when essential. Gar is leaving for Philadelphia in the morning, and still his father does not take this in to consideration to offer him a fare well.
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