Overview of the Issue of Pornography

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A life in erotic cinematic film also known as skinematography can become a rewarding career and punishing career. An example in pornography could be a camera and two people having sex it can sometimes be over a dozen people having sex. However people in today’s time keep in the shadows and say that pornography is something they hold equal to a painting of some of the greats, on the other side of the scale non-viewers of erotic films will say they are obscene trash and often view the common spectators as dirty minded fiends. But those men and women sometimes have what can be looked at as an addiction or a habit that is accept and promoted today. Pornography is not just smut, it can be clean. “Pornography can be seen as a vile act in church but others see the use as something healthy” (McKay).
What is erotica? By definition it is explicit sexual literature or art, however that is nothing more than a black and white definition. Pornography is found everywhere and anywhere but it was like this in the past as well. Looking at a painting, maybe even a sculpture can be considered art today but in truth it might be nothing more but pornography. Pornography (erotica) is its own genre but it can be hidden in film and cartoons meant for children. After interviewing a young woman named, McKenzie Hulett, a high school student. “She has agreed to viewing pornography before the interview, Hulett does not see pornography ass art or trash, Hulett believes that no real talent is needed for the job. Hulett does agree that porn has become more main stream in all form of media” (Hulett).
“In 1908, archaeologist Josef Szombathy discovered a small naked figure outside in the mud outside Willendorf, Australia”(Cothran 14). Erotica, pornography, or wha...

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