Overcoming A Student College Experience

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Through out a student college experience, there will be obstacles to overcome. I will highlight several barriers that students have to overcome and I will highlight two barriers that relate to me. The first area I am going to highlight is the thought that you only study alone. Occasionally it is good to sit down by yourself and study. But you should not dedicate all of your study time to being alone. Get together with a group of class mates and start a study group. It is better to work in a group where you can stay focused by working and studying together. The book highlights that student that work together in study groups achieve better scores on homework and test mostly because when you have a question there is always someone there to help you. To overcome studying along all you ned to do is get involved with you class mates. Get some people together and find times to study that all work for you. Next I will highlight when student do not participate in student organizations. This relates to studying in a group. Students should not be compelled to doing homework all day everyday. There are many opportunities to get involved with other campus activates like clubs and sports. To overcome this, one again, all you need to do is get involved. Look for activates that you would enjoy doing and find time to do that activity. Your college experience…show more content…
It is one of the simplest things that you could do to succeed in college. Just showing up to class gets you started with that material that you will have to study up on in the future. This is an area that I am good at. I have always showed up to class to get the most out of my time there. I am always attending class mostly because I would feel bad if I were to ever skip class. To overcome this obstacle, you just need motivation to go to class. If you have a morning class, get plenty of sleep the night before so you are fully attentive in the

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