Over Familiarity Boundaries Essay

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OVER-FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT: This is a very very common saying in America. And nothing can be truer than this. You have reached the highest form of consciousness when you can learn to not to allow any form of familiarity to breed contempt between you and anyone. Your boss is your boss, no matter how nice and familiar your boss is to you, never cross certain boundaries. Never ever take advantage of over-familiarity between you anyone, especially your client/boss and talk anyhow or talk/behave out of bounds to him/her. You will be making a grave mistake if you try it. The penance will be very quick and swift. Be very very professional when you are at work.

Do not, and I repeat do not ever be over-comfortable at work, rather be at alert at all times. Even if you are doing a job for your uncle or someone you have been close to, once it is a job please take it seriously and do what is right. This applies in every facet of life. Know your limit with people. No matter how nice and sweet or ordinary Dangote is to you, he is still Dangote, know your limit with him, don't allow over-familiarity to encourage you to cross boundaries you should not …show more content…

Whatever the job is, do it with passion, do it very well. Give it your all. It is not just about being talented. It is also about disposition; how you relate with others and your boss/client. Disposition and countenance cements your talent and will quickly put you at the top of your career. And this will ensure that you are relevant at all times. Your confidence quotient will zoom up and you will not be in doubt of your own worth. Whatever sacrifices you are making to be the best you can will surely be worth it. Talent without proper disposition will go down hill. Know this; the grave-yards are filled with indispensable people. Compliment your talent always with great disposition and equip yourself with a sound social & emotional intelligence

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