Otto Von Bismarck Corruption

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“... that extraordinary man, the craftiest of foxes, the boldest of lions, who had the art of fascinating and of terrifying, of making of truth itself an instrument of falsehood; to whom gratitude, forgiveness of injuries, and respect for the vanquished were as entirely unknown as all other noble sentiments save that of devotion to his country’s ambition; who deemed legitimate everything that contributes to success and who, by his contempt for the importunities of morality, dazzled the imagination of mankind - Émile Ollivier” (Hamerow, xv)

The above quote emphasizes the impression Otto von Bismarck has given to many people. He is more often than not portrayed as a ruthless, cunning and aggressive leader who manipulated his emperor as well
He renewed the Holy Alliance between the emperors of Russia, Austria and Prussia to maintain a peaceful relationship and to prevent France from starting a revenge attack. He also “hosted the 1885 Berlin Conference that ended the ‘Scramble for Africa’ ” ( Staff, §4).

In Conclusion, Otto von Bismarck was a well accomplished statesman who unified the German states into one Empire. However, he often acted in a way that would mostly benefit himself and reached many of his goals through manipulation and aggressive provocation. Throughout his years as Prussian Chancellor, he always fought against other parties who in his eyes were a threat to the stability of the state, even banning the Socialist Party and arresting hundreds of its members.
Bismarck’s effort to improve life for the working class however was very successful, as he step by step introduced a system of social insurances, thereby creating the first modern welfare state in the world. Even when other politicians and entire parties and organizations turned against him, he never lost track of his

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