Bismarck's Foreign Policy

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Bismarck's Foreign Policy „Versuche zu dreien zu sein, solange die Welt durch das unsichere Gleichgewicht von fünf Großmächten bestimmt wird!“ This was the general formula of Bismarck’s foreign policies meaning “When there are five great powers be one of three.“ The five great powers at that time were France, England, Russia, Austria-Hungary and the new united Germany. In foreign affairs, above all he wanted to keep peace in Europe, refusing further expansation, so that the strength of the German Empire would not be threatened. To begin with I would like to represent the 5 great powers in order to point out which of them would be a possible ally. · He couldn’t ally himself with France due to the Franco-Prussian war. We could argue that the Franco-Prussian war was not a good way of ensuring a peacefull future in europe, but the war was welcomed and even forced by Bismarck. He firstly annoyed France by proposing that Prince Leopold von Hohenzollen should become king of Spain ,(which would lead to France being surrounded by hostile states) and secondly, the Ems telegram, being the final “reason” for France to declare war on Germany. The results of this war were all in favour of Bismarck, the treaty of Frankfurt was singed. France had to pay a compensation of five billion francs and lost the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. So between France and Germany were still open wounds. In addition France had an republican system of government while Germany remained a Monarchy. · England wanted to keep itself out to keep the upper hand on things without having narrow relations with Europe. Also would the alliance of Germany and England oppose Russia, because Russia feared that England could advance through the dardennels into the Mediterranean and especially the Suez-Canal. · Russia was very important in order to avoid that it would ally itself with France, which would lead Germany into a position of a two-front war. In addition Russia like Germany was a conservative monarchy. · Austria-Hungary likewise is a conservative monarchy and would, as an
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