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Eassy for Othello The book “Othello” and movie “Othello” are both surrounded with race and jealousy. Othello is the only black guy in this play. Because of his capability make him more stronger in the play. All the people around Othello are white, and you can clearly notice that in the movie. Desdemona is also a important role in this play. She is white, which makes she and Othello not that great to be together. That’s why even though Othello knows she loves him, he still can’t believe what she says. Finally he kills Desdemona. Othello has no self-confidence, because he was different than other. That’s why after Iago tells him that Desdemona is cheating on him, he easily believes. Iago hate Othello and envies him. Because of the power Othello has, makes him feel his position is really low. The jealousy urges him to make a plan to revenge Othello, so he asks help from Cassio. Cassio is a character who is also jealous Othello, because he loves Desdemona too. He is the white guy, so thinks he is more suited to be with Desdemona.Jealous is a big factor in this play, also it’s how this play starts and end. Othello’s jealousy is comes from Iago’s words, because Iago says Desdemona cheat on him.This makes Othello feel mad and embarrassed. I think the part that Othello killed Desdemona on the bed is the most important part of this play. In the book, all the words Desdemona says in this scene is sad, and hopeless. Othello is totally despair with Desdemona, he does’t understand why the woman he most love would cheat on him. In this white socity, the only person who Othello can trust is cheated on him, who can he believe? Before Desdemona dead, she asked Othello to comes to the bed. She though Othello loved her, he will trust her... ... middle of paper ... ...n this moive, he always used contempt eyes to see Odin, he don’t liked him. The half of the reason Micheal hate Odin was because he got Desi, and other half was because he is black. The Shakespeare wanted to reinforce Othello’s characteristic a“ The green-eyed monster",so he wrote this character as a black. It makes this play more tendency to racism,it made jealousy more prominent. Because Othello is black, it made Desdemona’s cheat is for some reasons. It made them don’t looks well being together. In this play, Othello is the most powerful role in the play. And he was the only black man in this paly, it made this play more like a satire. Every event happen in the play was all causes by jealousy. Because of jealousy, all the main character getting into troubles. The jealousy is a evil who started of this play ,and jealousy also caused a sad ending of this play.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how othello and desdemona are surrounded by race and jealousy.
  • Analyzes how iago's words make othello feel mad and embarrassed. desdemona cheated on him, and he doesn't understand why.
  • Analyzes how oden, in the movie "o", is upset after killing desi, but the jealousy let him lose his thinking. he loves desi too much, he is not willing anyone to have her.
  • Analyzes how iago's heart is evil and crafty, he can't really forgive someone who is had done something bad to him. he thinks cassio is a stumbling block.
  • Analyzes how cassio is jealous of othello and desdemona's relationship. micheal is a haughty character in the movie "o".
  • Analyzes how shakespeare wanted to reinforce othello's characteristic of "the green-eyed monster", so he wrote this character as a black. it made this play more tendency to racism, it made jealousy more prominent.
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