Othello and Desdemona's Love In Act 1 Scene 3

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Othello and Desdemona's Love In Act 1 Scene 3

The scene begins with the Duke and senators sitting around a table in

the dukes chamber, the conversation is based around what is going on

in Cyprus the conversation is between the Duke a Sailor, An Officer, a

messenger and senator's. Lots of different people express their

different thoughts but in the end the main message is that soon Cyprus

will be under attack by the Turks.

Just as the conversation is getting intense one of the Senators says

First Senator: "Here comes Brabantio and the valiant Moor". This shows

that they all think of Othello as a "Moor" and do not think very

highly of him. In walk Othello, Cassio, Iago, Roderigo and Brabantio.

Brabantio then puts forward his deep concern over Othello marrying his

daughter, he suggests spells and medicines have corrupted her

thoughts. This is the first time that their love for one another is

suggested as wrong. When the duke is told what the problem is he is

outraged and is already thinking of the punishment for the offender,

but when he realises that it is Othello the duke offers his regrets to

Brabantio.Othello describes how his meeting with Desdemona took place,

he uses a very educated way of speaking and to the audience he would

appear to be the more intelligent of the two. Othello then asks

Desdemona to be called for and for her to tell her side of things.This

was a wise move on Othello's behalf as he is using Desdemona as a

witness for their love. The only problem is that neither the Duke nor

Brabantio believe that Othello is telling the truth and that is why

they agree for Desdemona to be called, Duke: "Fetch Desdemona hither".

The duke then talks to Othello as if he is a criminal by saying Duke:

"say it, Othello" this is very direct speech and is used when

questioning a criminal. After hearing Othello's tale the Duke then

agrees that even his own daughter would have fallen for Othello duke:

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