How Does Desdemona Deserve Jealousy In Othello

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Would you kill your significant other because your friend suggested they were cheating? In a marriage trust is everything, therefore solid evidence of your spouse cheating would need to be an obligation before ending the commitment. Desdemona is loyal to Othello throughout their entire marriage, there is no reason he shouldn’t have trusted her over Iago. Othello seems to be a better friend than husband as he is trustworthy of Iago’s lies. He is devoted to Iago’s plan and decided that he will go through with the killing of his own wife. Jealousy cannot over power genuine love, therefore Othello doesn’t love Desdemona, however he simply loves how much affection she has for his struggles. Othello doesn’t deserve sympathy because he doesn’t know…show more content…
While Desdemona is not aware of why Othello is so angry with her, she continues to do the good deed of attempting to get Cassio his job back. Desdemona speaking in front of Othello, explains to her cousin Lodovico “A most unhappy one. I would do much/ T’ atone them, for the love I bear to Cassio”(4,1,219-220). Proving that she cares for Cassio and that him receiving his position back should be up for consideration. Thus, Othello “strikes”(4,1,232) Desdemona thinking she loves Cassio due to her showing friendly affection towards him. This displays Othello allowing his jealousy to suppress his love for Desdemona by hitting her because of his thoughts that she is having an…show more content…
Othello cannot receive sympathy from the audience because it takes it away from Desdemona, who deserves all of our sympathy. Othello’s choices are solely based on what he doesn’t know for sure, which is why sympathy cannot be felt for him. It’s convincing that Othello is not in love with Desdemona on the simple fact that he was able to watch her die by the strangulation of his own hands, even though she begged him to let her live. Sympathy for Othello was eliminated after he hit and killed Desdemona all because he was
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