Othello Jealousy Essay

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Mireku Michael May 7, 2014 English Optional Essay Perfect revenge In the play, "Othello", William Shakespeare uses the theme of jealousy to represent the insecurity of the characters and how jealousy can be the down fall of a man. Jealousy is a feeling that refers to a negative thought and ,fear and vague over an expected loss of something that the person values. Jealousy often consists a combining of present emotions such as anger, bitterness, inadequacy, weakness and disgust. Othello begins in the city of Venice , where Rodrigo is having a discussion with Iago who is angry at being passed up as Othello's lieutenant. Although Iago has experience in battle and military matters and Casio, a man of strategy but little experience became Othello's lieutenant; due to this event Iago built hatred for Othello. Iago was aware that Desdemona was with Othello but yet he decided to encourage Rodrigo, who is in love with Desdemona to awaken Brabantio (Desdemona father) with a scream your daughter is gone. Brabantio disregards Rodrigo's screams and then he realized his daughter was not there, he panics and calls for his guards to find his daughter . Brabantio accused Othello for using magic to seduce his daughter, he also wanted to arrest and prosecute Othello specially for the crime of witchcraft , not for running off with his daughter without his permission. He simply couldn't believe that a beautiful girl like Desdemona will be attracted to the Moor Othello unless she was blind; but in this case Desdemona wasn't planed , she knew what she was doing . since Othe... ... middle of paper ... ... Othello cries out for blood, he kneels and vows to the heavens that he will take his revenge by killing Desdemona and Casio. Othello did not know his right hand man Iago was his greater enemy. Othello agreed to kill Desdemona and Iago to kill Casio. Othello's jealousy over powers him to kill his wife, in the end only one man was standing which is Michael Casio. In conclusion jealousy is an evil thing. Othello was convinced that his faithful wife (Desdemona) was cheat on him with Michael Casio. Iago was able to plant this convincing evidence to Othello. The moral of the play is to not " judge a book by its cover" and do not depend on what people say. If Othello was able to overcome the lies Iago to him, he and his wife would have still be alive.
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