Important Decisions In William Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Othello

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Within the drama, “The Tragedy of Othello”, Othello maintains a vital role in the plot within Shakespeare’s writing. Othello held a prominent role in society as a general for Venice and was both physically and psychologically respected in his community. However, during the drama Othello makes an important decision by choosing to murder Desdemona even with no clear proof; this action would affect Othello greatly as the drama transpired. Throughout Shakespeare’s script, Othello is continuously manipulated by Iago which ultimately results in not only the death of Desdemona but also the death of Othello himself. All of his actions would play a part in the overall analyzation of Othello; a tragic hero. From the drama, the audience can discover that while Othello began the story as a noble he would eventually end as a criminal. It is mentioned in the story that Othello, a foreigner, climbed his way up the ranks through military prowess. This title and past experience would help him woo Desdemona to his liking and start a trail that would eventually lead to death. Othello …show more content…

The situation can be broken down into two parts: one with Iago bringing out all of Othello’s insecurities with his wife and also with Othello acting on his doubts to kill Desdemona. This action, killing Desdemona, makes Othello a tragic figure in this script because he killed the wife he loved so much; without knowing she was innocent. This tragic role of the main character in Shakespeare’s drama is quite common, even in a different drama, “Macbeth”, the original protagonist would succumb to internal conflicts. “the tragic hero—a man (Macbeth) of fundamental goodness whose inherent weakness results from an arrogant sense of self-sufficiency” (Conlin 15). This role of a tragic hero strikes Othello when his inherent weakness, jealousy, overcomes him as he murders

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