Oskar Schindlers On Helping The Jews

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“I was now revolved to do everything in my power to defeat the system” (Oskar Schindler). This is how Oskar Schindler felt about helping the Jews. Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi regime wanted to save Jews. How often do you find people brave enough to do that? Not very often. He impacted so many lives and really made a difference to many people. Oskar Schindler risked his life everyday, which contributed to saving over 1000 Jews ("Oskar Schindler: An) . Following the German invasion of Poland, Oskar moved to Krakow from Sraity in 1939 ("Oskar Schindler." Jewish) . He took advantage of the German pogrom to make people Aryan and Germanize Jewish owned stores and businesses. He bought Rekord Ltd, a Jewish owned enamelware manufacturer. He converted the factory and started the “new” company called Emalia in 1939 ("Oskar Schindler." Jewish). He owned two other factories in Krakow, but Emelia was the only one where he employed Jews from the Krakow ghetto. His Jewish accountant persuaded him to hire Jewish workers, saying that their skills are important to his company. In 1938, Oskar became part of the Nazi party( "Oskar Schindler.” They). He seemed no different than the other Germans in Poland; drink at night, hang out with SS officers and associate himself with Polish women. The only thing though that set him apart from them that he treated his employees with respect, especially the Jews. Schindler never fought against the Nazis, but he felt that killing Jews was wrong. He told the SS officers that the Jewish children, housewives and metalworkers were mechanics and metalworkers to cover up as much as he could .("Oskar Schindler." Jewish) He would tell the SS that taking his Jewish to concentration camps ... ... middle of paper ... ...dler’s List. Schindler’s List was the list of the workers that he had saved. This list shows the proof and documentation that Oskar Schindler helped these people("Oskar Schindler." Jewish). After the war, Schindler escaped Germany and fled to Argentina("Oskar Schindler." Jewish).He went to Argentina with his wife and some workers and bought a farm. He had a peaceful happy life in Argentina for many years. In 1958, he left Argentina and returned to Germany("Oskar Schindler." Jewish). He abandoned his wife and his mistress. Oskar felt that it was time to move back to his home. He spent the last years of his life living between Israel and Germany, getting taken care of by his “Schindlerjuden.” His Schindlerjuden w He passed away in Hildesheim, Germany in 1974("Oskar Schindler." Jewish). Oskar was buried in Jerusalem on Mount Zion, a holy site for Jews.

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