Shakespeare Case Study

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Group 1’s Study Guide to Shakespeare’s life

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Bryce Diaz, Cameron Sistare, Michelle Gerardo, Stella Filipov, Richa Sharma, and Zach Abueg

A. The Basic Background on Shakespeare

The real birthday of Shakespeare is unknown, but it is said his birthday was on April 23rd, 1564, in his father’s home in Henley Street in Stratford.
He was born to apprentice glove maker, John Shakespeare and land heiress, Mary Arden.
He was an apprentice to a butcher.
He was a Protestant under Queen Elizabeth I's rule.
It is not certain exactly where Shakespeare was educated, but some suggest that he studied in Stratford Grammar School until age 14.
After he left grammar school is considered the first “Lost Years” until he was married.
Shakespeare got married to Anne Hathaway. He was 18 and Hathaway was 26 at the time.
Hathaway got pregnant before their marriage; their first child was born 6 months after the marriage.
Shakespeare’s first child is Susanna, and twins followed, named Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died at age 11 due to the Bubonic Plague.
Shortly after the birth of his twins is considered the “Lost Years,” since not much is known about Shakespeare’s life during that time.
Many speculate that during those years, Shakespeare spent time to improve his writing and dramatic skills, and moved to London.
Some say he was a poacher, or was an assistant schoolmaster.
The start of his career appears to not be clear.
Shakespeare’s death (at age 52) was ambiguous. It is said that he died by typhus, that was known as “new fever” back then (outbreak in 1616).

B. The Background on Shakespeare’s Career

Shakespeare was one of the managing partners of the Lord Chamberlain's Company.
In 1593 and 1594, Shakespeare’s first poems, “Venus and Adoni...

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... Chamberlain's Men
March 15, 1595 – First document mentioning Shakespeare connected with the theatre
August 11, 1596 – His son, Hamnet dies (bubonic plague) at age 11
October 20, 1596 – John Shakespeare is granted coat of arms
1599 – The Globe Theatre is built on Bankside
1600 – First production in Globe Theatre (Julius Caesar)
June 29, 1613 – Fire destroys Globe Theatre
1614 – Second Globe Theatre built
April 23, 1616 – Death of William Shakespeare (52nd birthday)
1644 – Globe Theatre is demolished (by Puritans)

Shakespeare’s Works

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1595-1596)
Much Ado About Nothing (1598-1599)
As You Like It (1599-1600)
Romeo and Juliet (1594-1595)
Julius Caesar (1599-1600)
The Sonnets (1590s and early 1600s)
Hamlet (1600-1601)
All's Well That Ends Well (1602-1603)
Measure for Measure (1604-1605)
Macbeth (1605-1606)
Antony and Cleopatra (1607-1608)
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