Organizational Assessment And Recommendation Of An Organization

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Organizational Assessment and Recommendation The mission statements of all health care organization are related to the restoration of optimal health to their clients. As acuity levels rise, a skilled and knowledgeable staff of registered nurses is essential to make the mission a reality. Nursing shortage is a global crisis. The new employees and new graduates present a myriad of challenges to their employees. Nurse residency program were designed to assist new graduates and help them in their transition from student life into professional life. Therefore successful implementation of nurse residency program in an organization is of paramount importance as it can lead to positive outcome for the organization itself. Overview of the Organization The organization selected for organizational assessment is XYZ Medical center (XYZ Medical Center, 2012). It is a 236 bed, state of art, all private room hospital strategically located in the tri-county area of Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, near the intersection of State Road (SR) 54 and Little Road in Trinity, Florida (XYZ Medical Center, 2012). The specialty services provided in this organization includes emergency care, heart and vascular care, spine and orthopedics (XYZ Medical Center, 2012). The patients in this hospital come from both local and regional level. Medical Center is a part of larger system, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Organizational Assessment At present XYZ Medical Center uses functional structure (Borkowski, 2009) for their organization operation, with employees working in various departments based on their roles and responsibilities. The staff increases productivity by sharing their experiences and supporting each other (Borkowski, 2009).... ... middle of paper ... ...ation and can ultimately build cultures of nurse retention and enhance quality of care. Furthermore nurse residency program can positively transform work environments, interpersonal relationships and professional practice and mitigate the reality shock that can paralyze new nurses. As the nurses turn over and inadequate staffing is a major crisis in the above organization identified, successful implementation of nurse residency program will optimize organizational success. References AL-Dossary, R., Kitsantas, P., & Maddox, P. J. (2013). The impact of residency programs on new nurse graduates clinical decision-making and leadership skills: A systematic review. Nurse education today, 34(6), 1024 - 1028. Borkowski, N. (2009). Organizational behavior, theory and design in health
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