Oonagh Reitman's Cultural Reactivist And Feminist Relativists?

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Reitman, Oonagh. 1997. "Cultural Relativist And Feminist Critiques Of International Human Rights - Friends Of Foes?". Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift 100 (1): 100-114. Introduction In his article “Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critiques of International Human Rights”, Oonagh Reitman (Reitman, 1997) delivered the similarities between cultural relativist and feminist critiques of international human rights where the former believed that the source of human rights is culture while the later argued that those who hold human rights are men and not women. The overall article is divided into three sections. The first section, Oonagh Reitman tried to explain relativist’s behavioral pattern made in the field of women’s human rights by elaborating their…show more content…
Reitman takes this chance to elaborate on how each critique perceive these topic area which later on, he emphasized, implied that the root of their problems are the same with different way of perceiving the problems. For example, both critiques claim that universality of human rights has failed them. Universality of human right, a theory of human right brought up by Jack Donnelly argues that, "We have human rights not to the requisites for health but to those things `needed' for a life of dignity, for a life worthy of a human being, a life that cannot be enjoyed without these rights" (Donnelly, 1989). It supports the idea that every single person on the earth is subject to equal human right despite his or her background and status. Relativist argues that there is no such way that it could happen, noting that human rights are culturally dependent and the variety of culture across the world will dictate the extend of women’s human rights. Thus, it is impossible to find “universal” human rights within the scope of culture, unless, it is limited to certain degree. On the other hand, feminist claimed that human…show more content…
Connecting and elaborating these things altogether giving the readers a chance to find a connecting line with wider literature, especially with the presented study case that over international forum and discussion and also different types of culture around the world. While the wording and the sheer amount of study cases might be overwhelming for first time reader, the structure and sequences of the article provided a good help in understanding the overall arguments. However, the proposed solution by Reitman tends to leave the reader with more question as he left several details of differences between feminist and relativist aside to support the creation of this solution more forcefully and simply. Even though he supported his argument with facts and cases representing the potential problem avoidance from each critique, there are still other variables to be considered that might affect the outcome of the study cases. Without further elaboration, it only raises more question as on how his “cooperative approach” would fulfill the needs of relativist for cultural protection and feminist for

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